Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

February 4, 2014

area menus

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Feb. 4-7

Batesville Primary School

Tuesday: Country steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, whole grain bread, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Hot dog on bun, baked beans, sweet potato puffs, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Chicken nuggets, salad bar, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grain bread, milk.

Friday: Cheese omelet, hash brown, biscuit, fruit, milk.

BPS breakfast

Tuesday: Bacon, buttered toast, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Sausage, jelly bread, fruit juice, milk.

Thursday: Whole grain cereal, cinnamon toast, fruit, milk.

Friday: Apple strudel, fruit, milk.

Batesville Intermediate School

Tuesday: Breaded chicken patty on bun, baked beans, sweet potato puffs, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Tacos, nacho chips, lettuce, refried beans, shredded cheese, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Chili, cheese breadstick, celery sticks, fruit, milk.

Friday: Grilled cheese sandwich, tater tots, veggie cup, fruit, milk.

(Salad bar offered daily)

Batesville Middle School

Tuesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, hot roll or bread, fruit, milk.

Wednesday: Breaded chicken patty on bun, savory rice, fresh vegetable cup, steamed broccoli, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Hot dog or coney dog on bun, baked beans, peas, fruit, milk.

Friday: Turkey and ham deli sub, lettuce, tomatoes, nacho chips and salsa, mixed vegetables, fruit, milk (No salad or sandwich bar).

(Salad bar offered daily)

Sunman elementary and Sunman-Dearborn intermediate schools

Tuesday: Homemade three-way chili with oyster crackers, refried beans, fresh romaine super salad with dressing, mandarin oranges, fresh fruit, mini ice cream sandwich, milk.

Wednesday: Baked chicken finger fryz with sauce choice and homemade garlic breadstick, silly dilly green beans, fresh vegetables with hummus dip, chilled pears, fresh fruit, milk.

Thursday: Turkey and gravy with homemade dinner roll, mashed potatoes, cooked glazed carrots, chilled fruit, cocktail, fresh fruit, milk.

Friday: Waffle sticks with syrup and eggs, smiley potatoes, fresh vegetables with dip, chilled mandarin oranges, fresh fruit, milk.

(Peanut butter sandwich is available daily instead of the main dish)

Sunman-Dearborn Middle School

Tuesday: Baked mini corn dogs with ketchup and cooked corn or mini cinnamon rolls with cheese omelet and baked tater tots, milk.

Wednesday: Nachos grande and zesty tomato salsa or Asian chicken with fried rice and peas and carrots, milk.

Thursday: Tyson chicken drumstick with roll, mashed potatoes and gravy, milk.

Friday: Fish nuggets with macaroni and cheese or Cincinnati-style chili and oyster crackers, green beans, milk.

(Fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and subs/wraps available daily)