Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

December 17, 2013

New procedures for controlled substances

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Physicians and osteopathic physicians prescribing opioids in Indiana under the supervision of the Indiana Medical Licensing Board must follow new procedures that were effective Dec. 15, according to Sue Swayze, Indiana Professional Licensing Agency communications director.

The 2013 Indiana General Assembly directed the medical licensing board to adopt emergency rules to establish standards and protocols for the prescribing of controlled substances consistent with standard medical practices in pain management treatment.

Swayze said, “The new requirements do not prohibit doctors from prescribing. However, they do require new procedures if they exceed the prescribing threshold of 60 opioid-containing pills a month or a morphine equivalent dose of more than 15 milligrams per day.”

This may apply to other professionals now or in the future. Doctors who have current collaborative agreements with advance practice nurses and physician’s assistants are advised to review them to assure that they are in compliance with the new rule. The Indiana Board of Pharmacy will similarly consider the emergency rule at its meeting in January 2014.

This may apply to other types of prescribers, such as dentists and veterinarians, Swayze noted.

Professionals who hold practice licenses plus Controlled Substance Registrations (CSR) will continue to be accountable to their oversight board or commission, as well as to the pharmacy board, which oversees controlled substance registrations.