Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

August 5, 2013

Colts: Former players get involved

George Bremer
The Herald-Tribune

---- — ANDERSON — It was homecoming day at Anderson University on Sunday.

The Indianapolis Colts welcomed about 150 youth football players from

Franklin Township shortly after the morning walkthrough ended.

The youngsters took part in a Heads Up Football/NFL Play 60 clinic

conducted in conjunction with USA Football at Macholtz Stadium. Drills

focused on proper tackling and fundamentals.

But the most interesting aspect was the instructors. The players were

tutored by a host of former Colts including Gary Brackett, Bill Brooks,

Mark Herrmann, Stan Eisenhooth, Roosevelt Potts, Gary Padjen, Chukie

Nwokorie, Darvell Huffman, Geno Riley, Danny Kight and Heads Up Football

ambassador Mike Prior.

Head coach Chuck Pagano was happy to welcome the former players.

"Love it, love it, it's our history," he said. "They laid a foundation.

All those guys and their blood, sweat and tears over the years, they're

Colts history. I told our players, I mentioned we've got 10, 12 former

Colts greats that are here spending the day with us and to make sure you

take a minute when you have time after practice and introduce yourself.

"Some of these guys obviously played with them and know them already, but

we would all be remiss if we didn't take advantage of getting to know

these guys. They were at a walkthrough already, and they're doing

something with USA Football. We've got a group of about 150 youth football

players out here today, and they're going through some instruction with

them. So I love that part of it. We can't have those guys around enough.

They've got so much to share if guys are willing to listen. So we really

encourage it."

Second time around

Sunday's practices were the start of the second week of training camp, and

Pagano said he expects to see growth.

The team still is in the installation process on both offense and defense.

So new concepts still are being added daily.

It's not a perfect process, but there is a clear measurement of progress.

"We just don't want repeat offenders," Pagano said. "Whatever mistakes

that they've made, there's going to be mistakes made. But what you'd like

to do is, 'OK, come in, watch the tape, clean up the mistakes and then

move forward.'"

Angerer update

Inside linebacker Pat Angerer began training camp on the physically unable

to participate (PUP) list because he still is recovering from a foot


But, at recent practices, Angerer also has been seen with his knee wrapped

and surrounded by ice packs. Pagano said the process has been frustrating,

but he likes what he's seen recently from the fourth-year player.

"He is in a great place right now," Pagano said. "He's better than he has

ever been from a mental standpoint. That's the hardest thing, when you

have one after another, when you have an injury and then you come back and

think you are 100 percent and something else happens. You start to get

obviously frustrated from a confidence level and all those things. But Pat

is in a great place and feels really good about where he is at.

"Again, we are not going to push him until we know he is 100 percent, and

he is working his tail off with Erin (Barill) and Dave (Hammer) and the

trainers. And he is on the side and doing his rehab and going through

position-specific drills with our trainers. So it's just a matter of time

before Pat gets back."