Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

June 21, 2013

Stingrays slip past Tiger Sharks

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — The Batesville Stingrays summer swim team hosted the Decatur County Tiger Sharks at their second meet of the season on Monday evening.

After suffering a loss to the Milan Swim Team in the season opener, the Stingrays were eager to bounce back. The Stingrays edged out the Tiger Sharks by a final score of 870-757.

“I think we need some work on the younger swimmers staying legal, but I think that comes with time and practice,” head coach Mike Weiler commented. “DCTS have been in the water since the beginning of May. That’s really hard for us to compete against this early in the season.”

The Stingrays held their first practice at the Batesville Memorial Pool on June 3.

Several swimmers placed first in their individual events: Sarah Bedel (25 yard freestyle and 25 yard backstroke), Tyler Dierckman (40 yard backstroke and 40 yard butterfly), Mikaela Fangman (80 yard breaststroke), Nate Geis ( 40 yard freestyle, 80 yard freestyle, and 160 yard IM), Emily Gutzwiller (160 IM), Lexi Hatcher (40 yard freestyle), Stuart Lamping (40 yard freestyle and the 160 yard IM), Elliot Main (80 yard backstroke and the 80 yard freestyle), Tasha Mayer (80 yard backstroke and the 80 yard butterfly), Paris Raab (40 yard freestyle), Roman Raab (160 yard IM), Quinn Rasnick (40 yard breaststroke), Mimi Wilder (25 yard breaststroke, 40 yard freestyle, and 160 IM), and Iza Wonnell (25 yard freestyle).

Three swimmers came out on top in all of their events: Sam Bowman (40 yard breaststroke, 40 yard backstroke, and 40 yard butterfly), Taylor Villani (40 and 80 yard freestyle, and Matt Weiler (40 and 80 yard freestyle, 80 yard breastroke, and 80 yard backstroke).