Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

June 27, 2013

Stingrays swim to victory over South Dearborn

The Batesville Herald-Tribune


The Batesville Stingrays placed another tally mark in the win column on Thursday as they traveled to South Dearborn.

Out of the eighty-six swimmers who attended the meet, 66 swimmers earned personal best times in at least one of their events. The biggest improvements on the clock were turned in by Sarah Poltrack in the 100 yard freestyle (25.16 seconds), Rachael Kuntz in the 100 yard IM (26.94 seconds), Tyler Dierckman in the 50 yard butterfly (28.21 seconds), Santiago Schutte in the 25 yard backstroke (36.17 seconds), Christopher Lambert in the 100 yard freestyle (36.52 seconds), and Marissa Fullenkamp in the 100 yard IM (49.92 seconds).

Top scorers for the team included Katie Bedel, Sarah Bedel, Sam Bowman, Ethan Brewer, Katie Brewer, Hannah Cox, Nathan Dierckman, Tyler Dierckman, Jenna Ertel, Mikaela Fangman, Aiden Geers, Erica Geers, Nate Geis, Emily Gutzwiller, Kyra Hall, Joey Hutchison, Christopher Lambert, Stuart Lamping, Drake Main, Tasha Mayer, Kate Poltrack, Roman Raab, Angela Wanstrath, Ben Wanstrath, Teresa Wanstrath, Justin Weberding, Elizabeth Weiler, Emily Weiler, Matt Weiler, and Mimi Wilder.