Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

September 20, 2013

Not just a barber to some

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Dear Editor,

Like many, I’ve just read that Brad Ott and Dallas Colley have opened a barbershop in Fran Telles’ legendary location. I was ecstatic upon receiving that news, and several thoughts came to mind.

While I have been a criminal defense lawyer in Indianapolis since 1975, I grew up in Batesville, graduating from Batesville High School in 1965. Though I immediately started to let my hair grow quite long to the dissatisfaction of my mail carrier father when I entered college that Fall, I had a crew cut my entire life up until then.

Fran Telles was not just my barber, but he also was my Little League baseball coach. I still remember going with my brothers to get our hair cut, and no one could give a better crew cut than Fran. I don’t know what we looked like to anyone else, but we felt that we looked great!

I developed a lifelong friendship and admiration for Fran that extends to this day. I treasure the memory of those years, and I can only wish him the best in his retirement.

Let me just say that I thank God that he was a better barber than a baseball coach!


Robert W. Hammerle