Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

March 4, 2014

Support downtown Batesville on March 8

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

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Dear Editor,

The news of the Sherman House being up for sale should concern all Batesvillians. I am asking that we all consider the impact of this landmark being empty on our downtown.

If Batesville is known to people from outside our area it is for 3 things, caskets, hospital beds and the Sherman House. For those of us that grew up with the Sherman House of the 1960's and 1970's it had the reputation of only being for special occasions, not kid friendly and just for the corporate types to have dinner. The Sherman House of today is family friendly and reasonably priced.

My point is not to be doing a marketing campaign for the Sherman House, but to do all we can for downtown. It is important that we spend our money and time on our downtown or soon I fear will lose not only the Sherman House but other downtown merchants.  Downtown does need some planning and perhaps ways to incentivize business from government, however what these businesses need most is our patronage.

I have witnessed the shock and awe of local people as businesses like Farmers Feed, Taff Furniture, Crafts & Occasions go out of business. We have fair warning in regard to the Sherman House. It needs our patronage. It is up to local people now to vote with their dollars as to how important not only the Sherman House is to our community, but all of our downtown merchants. 

I do urge all to come to the Sherman House on Saturday, March 8. Sign the guestbook to let the staff know you are behind them or jot down an entry to document the big events you have celebrated there. The memories guestbook will be presented to the historical society.

David Wachsmann