Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

October 11, 2013

Community effort needed to curb drugs

The Batesville Herald-Tribune


WHEREAS, cities across America have been plagued by the numerous problems associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; and

WHEREAS, the city of Batesville values the health and safety of all our citizens; and

WHEREAS, there is hope in winning the war on drugs, and the hope lies in the hard work and determination of our community to create a drug-free environment; and

WHEREAS, substance abuse is particularly damaging to one of our most valuable resources, our children, and a contributing factor in the three leading causes of death for teenagers – accidents, homicides and suicides; and

WHEREAS, local leaders, in government and in the community, know that the support of the people in the neighborhoods is the most effective tool they can have in their efforts to reduce use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by the citizens of Batesville; and

WHEREAS, it is the goal of Red Ribbon Week and the city of Batesville to involve families, schools, businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies and service organizations in all aspects of this campaign and establish an atmosphere that supports awareness, education and ongoing initiatives to prevent illegal drug use; and

WHEREAS, the Red Ribbon Week Campaign theme promotes family and individual responsibilities for living healthy, drug-free lifestyles without illegal drugs or the illegal use of legal drugs; and

WHEREAS, Oct. 23-30 has been designated National Red Ribbon Week, calling on all Americans to show their support for a drug-free state by wearing red ribbons and participating in drug-free activities during that week;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Rick Fledderman, mayor of the city of Batesville, do hereby proclaim Oct. 23-30 as the city of Batesville’s



Signed this seventh day of October 2013.

Batesville Mayor

Rick Fledderman