Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

October 19, 2012

Local attorney urges voters

The Herald-Tribune

-- — Editor’s Note:  According to the Judicial Branch of Indiana Web site (, Ind. Trial Rule 53.1 and Ind. Trial  Rule 53.2 address the term “lazy judge” as one  who fails to rule on a motion or delays a judgment.


Dear Editor, 

Steve Cox was first elected in 1994.  He was young and inexperienced, and he has not moved beyond that stage.  Steve made some stupid mistakes like locking up a mother of small children when she left the courthouse during jury selection.  I went to his office that afternoon and pleaded for her release so she could care for her children.

The mistakes kept coming and over time those lawyers of us who represent clients in Franklin County realized that Steve was not paying attention.  He became more distant.  He would not take phone calls from attorneys.  We could not get into his office to talk to him, but at the courthouse we had to talk to his secretary through an intercom system.

In my opinion,Steve spends more time out of the office than he spends in his office.  That is an exaggeration, but pretty close.  It would take weeks simply to get his signature on an order probating a will.  (See cause # 24CO1-1108-EM-0032)  At election time, like now, Steve is a fierce campaigner, but between elections he simply goes on vacation.  He does not take time to consider the cases before him and make rulings.  As I said before – Steve Cox is a “lazy judge”.  Franklin County residents deserve better.  I urge your readers to vote for Tammy Davis for Circuit Court Judge. 

Henry A. Pictor ,