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March 25, 2014

Many OA high points this year

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Many OA high points this year

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the entire Oldenburg Academy family, I wish to say thank you to the Batesville/Oldenburg community, businesses, families, alums and various well-wishers whose support and encouragement meant so much to our basketball team this season.

While we had hoped for a different final score on Saturday, we could not have been more pleased with the level of sportsmanship, dedication and determination displayed by our young men. The stands were filled with hundreds of fans from across Indiana – some with OA ties, but some just looking for a good basketball game. The sea of navy and white was inspiring and encouraging!

Thank you for being there, for your e-mails, cards, Facebook posts, newspaper ad, sign board messages and sharing in this “first” for OA.

As I have said numerous times recently, it has been a “history-making year” for us at OA! From our first football win, to our boys’ regional soccer championship, our girls’ regional cross country championship, our highest grossing Reverse Raffle in its 25-year history, our largest number of foreign national students and the most National Merit Scholars in a single class, Oldenburg Academy has stood tall and proud and strong in 2013-14.

We are so grateful to all of our students, their parents, our amazing faculty and staff, our valued board of trustee members and the steadfast support of the Sisters of St. Francis. Together we continue the legacy of “virtue, honor and education” in this wonderful village where we are privileged to live and work.

Diane Laake,

Oldenburg Academy president

Freshman class appreciates support

Dear Editor,

The freshmen class at Batesville High School, Class of 2017, would like to thank everyone who purchased a ‘2-for-1’ card during their fund raiser. The class sold 1000 cards this year. The money will be used for their junior prom in the spring of 2016 and graduation expenses.

They would also like to thank the businesses that provided a special discount for the card. Without their help, the fund raiser would not be possible. The class hopes everyone will enjoy the benefits of using the card and also supporting our local merchants.

Rosemary Moton

Freshman Class Sponsor

Batesville High School

Reader supports Ziemke decision

Dear Editor,

I write in reply to the letter of Mr. Whitehair, published in the March 18 edition of The Herald-Tribune, in which he disparages the vote of State Representative Cindy Ziemke against HJR-3. I wish to commend Representative Ziemke on her political courage in voting against HJR-3. HJR-3 was an attempt to enshrine bigotry and discrimination into the Constitution of the State of Indiana. Representative Ziemke was correct in voting against this bill which would have denied rights to a significant portion of our population.

Mr. Whitehair quotes some polls and surveys indicating that the majority of Representative Ziemke’s constituents were in favor of passing HJR-3. Perhaps Mr. Whitehair might recall that a majority of constituents in some political districts were once in favor of slavery. At some point in history, a majority of constituents in some districts were in favor of prohibiting marriage between people of different “races”. History has shown that those people were wrong. History will also show that it is wrong to prevent same-gender couples from enjoying the same legal rights as opposite-gender couples.

Representative Cindy Ziemke had the political courage to vote against discrimination and bigotry even while knowing that she was going against the beliefs of many of her constituents. I applaud her for that courage and strongly encourage the rest of our elected representatives, at both the state and federal level, to follow her lead.

Steve Kristoff