Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

November 30, 2011

Time to quell political babble

The Herald-Tribune


The election is over. Many people thrive on the process, but others loathe it.

No matter which side  you favor, one thing is true. There will be expectations for a better four years.

That is not to say the previous four have been bad, but the  public always demands better from its elected officials.

Some things are simply out of their control. Still, voters don’t always see it that way.

A central theme often voiced in small community elections like ours is party affiliations should not matter.  Many times candidates spout notions of “doing what is best for the community,” forgoing any thought party loyalties play a role in the decision-making process.

Many people believe that is all campaign talk and is rarely carried out.

The Batesville community is filled with intelligent people with insightful thoughts and ideas.

Many forward-thinking and aggressive plans were expressed over the past few months. Some may have been better than others, but most have merit.

If this is truly about doing what is best for the community, then those elected have something to prove.

Will they be willing to take a closer look at some of the ideas their opponents campaigned for, or will they dismiss them because they did not originate from within party lines?

Are there issues currently being discussed that need to be re-evaluated?  More than likely, yes.

As the post-election highs and lows wear off, the real story will begin to unfold. The hope is both parties understand this community, along with many others, is at a crossroads.

A sluggish economy has made it difficult for small business owners and large corporations alike. Drugs and theft have become growing problems. Resources are not as plentiful as they once were.

How is the newly elected administration going to attack these issues ?

 We suggest using all of the community’s resources and not just those fitting the needs of a political party’s agenda.