Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

October 19, 2012

Reader has reason to vote

The Herald-Tribune

-- — Dear Editor,

The past few weeks, there have been several letters to the editor expressing opinions about various candidates for political office.  While the exchange of comments and views are important for the voters to form a decision for whom to vote for, there is one criterion in my mind where there should be NO dispute.  That is the right to life.  The National Right to Life Committee, Inc. has endorsed Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, Mike Pence for Indiana Governor, Richard Mourdock, Indiana candidate for U.S. Senate and Luke Messer, Indiana candidate for U.S. House of Representative candidate for the Indiana 6th district, formerly held by Mike Pence.

I can think of no more important issue to consider when voting and that is The Right to Life.

Lawrence P. Merkel

Batesville, IN