St. Louis School celebrated Red Ribbon Week with theme and dress-up days, reported Janet Wilson, SLS teacher and Student Council sponsor.

Monday was "Be on the Drug-Free Team. A positive morning message was delivered over the announcements by Benjamin Moster, Leadership Team spokesperson. The side doors where students are dropped off and the front doors of SLS were decorated with red and white balloons and ribbons. The inside of the doors were decorated to look like red ribbons using a key template, colored by students in grades K-4.

Each grade had a different key template and this acted as their pledge to live drug free. All students in grades K-8 and staff were given red latex bands. Younger grades had smaller sized paper bands. Each student in K-2 received crayon boxes, and each day this week they had color or activity sheets that complimented the theme of the day.

Tuesday’s theme was “Follow Your Dreams – Be Drug Free,” and students wore pajamas, sweatshirts or pants and slippers.

Students in grades K-2 received a color or activity sheet, a daily themed sticker and a red anti-drug lollipop. For students in grades 3-5, McDonald’s donated 100 chocolate chip cookies and orange drink. "Thank you to Missy Cooper at McDonald's for their donation," Wilson noted.

Wednesday’s theme was “Be a Smartie ... Don’t Do Drugs.” Grades K-5 got Smartie stickers and Smarties candy. Grade 3 students received football kick-off pops, while grades 4-5 got mop top pens. On Wednesday afternoon. students in grades 6-8 welcomed Paul Tyrer. He has been a registered mental health nurse in England since 2000 and a staff nurse in an inpatient detoxification unit for both drug and alcohol for four years. He also established a primary care drug and alcohol service, including detoxification and medication management and counseling. Tyrer also brought in educational pamphlets for each student to take home.

Thursday's theme was "Be a Real Hero and say no to Drugs!” Superhero day is always popular. Students in K-2 received color/activity sheets. Students in K-3 received superhero water bottles and students in grades 4-5 received color changing mood cups.

Friday was “Red-Y to Live a Drug Free Life.”

"SLS would like to thank the Coalition for a Drug-Free Batesville for supporting our school," added Wilson.

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