Twenty-year-old Julia Horninger was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma Aug. 9. As a result of her condition, the daughter of Tom and Mary Horninger, Brookville, must receive chemotherapy as an inpatient and is sometimes in the hospital for up to three weeks at a time. "While Julia is in the hospital, her blood counts drop to severely low levels, causing her to feel incredibly fatigued and weak," reports Margaret Mary Health communications specialist Kasi Christin.

Because of this, Horninger is an ideal recipient of blood. She says, “Receiving blood while in the hospital helps me to feel so much better. With low platelets, I have a high bleeding risk, and with low hemoglobin, I can get very dizzy, which puts me at risk for falling. So, by receiving blood, it not only helps me feel better, it reduces my fall risk and helps me to be safe.”

The young woman is extremely grateful to blood donors. “I would like to thank anyone who donates blood. As a blood recipient and fellow donor, I know that it really makes a difference in patients’ lives.”

Persons who want a chance to save lives may sign up to donate at the upcoming blood drive Tuesday, Oct. 15, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on a bus near the MMH Emergency Department.

In conjunction with the blood drive, future bone marrow donors may be registered, according to Christin. Eligible donors must be between 18-44, able to answer a few general health questions and willing to have their cheeks swabbed. Other eligibility guidelines can be found online at

Info or to make an appointment: Mary Jo Nobbe, 934-6624, Ext. 5274.

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