Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

January 14, 2014

Corporate College focuses on outreach

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Ivy Tech Corporate College is changing its operation to ensure increased outreach efforts throughout the state, reports Kelly Hauflaire, assistant vice president of communications.

Plans include the restructuring of the sales team, the main interface with companies in Indiana, to be more responsive to business and industry needs. The streamlining of operations will reduce college costs and increase revenues, while at the same time assist Indiana businesses in growing and becoming as efficient as possible.

ITCC is the premier provider of quality work force training solutions for the needs of businesses, industry, organizations and individuals. It contributes to business success through talent development, organizational improvement and increased productivity and profitability. The focus will be on job skills development and career training as well as assessing existing skill gaps between available jobs and Indiana’s work force to position ITCC as a solution.

“Ivy Tech Corporate College is part of the community college that we feel is a bit unknown and certainly under-utilized by business and industry throughout Indiana,” says Thomas Snyder, Ivy Tech Community College president. “We are taking steps to form a customer service focused sales team in order to increase our engagement with companies and understand their needs and deliver training to address those needs. We will expand the impact of our corporate college and become more responsive to the needs of businesses to dramatically improve the skills of Indiana’s work force.”