Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

February 21, 2014

Grants aid Hoosier students

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — $4.3 million in grant funding for Innovative Career and Technical Education curricula is available. The grants are designed to encourage innovative and collaborative career and technical training opportunities for Hoosier students, working in conjunction with the 11 regional Indiana Works Councils, reports Lou Ann Baker, Center for Education and Career Innovation spokesperson.

The Indiana Works Councils bring together more than 160 educational, work force and business and industry leaders to evaluate local landscapes for educational programming, business needs and potential skills gaps. Created by the 2013 General Assembly at the request of Gov. Mike Pence, the Works Councils further Pence’s ideals of technical training options which encourage all students to achieve with a personal “Plan A” providing opportunity for success whether they want to go to college, learn a trade or start their career right out of high school.

“The Works Councils are eager to implement innovative ideas and creative partnerships that will elevate CTE curricula,” said director Marie Mackintosh. “By connecting private industry with educational partners through these grants, we have an opportunity to invigorate not only our students’ learning experiences but also the business community at large with more highly skilled and engaged employees.”

The goal of these grants is to foster and scale the most innovative and effective CTE curriculum models. These models require a 3:1 ratio of grant funding to private investment match, meaning that the grantee will receive $3 in grant funding for each $1 of private investment match. Grant proposals must be developed in conjunction with an Indiana Regional Works Council, who will approve applications for submission to the state.

Grant applications are available at and will be dispersed across two separate grant cycles. Deadlines to submit grant proposals for Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 are April 30,and Jan. 2, 2015, respectively.

The grant funds, provided by the Indiana General Assembly, are a match to private investments for the Innovative Career and Technical Education Curriculum grant.