Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

March 21, 2014

Man steals from local resident twice

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

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The Batesville Police Department is attempting to locate and identify a man who is suspected of stealing money from an elderly Batesville resident, reported Chief Stan Holt.

On March 17, a resident stopped his vehicle along the shoulder of the westbound I-74 Batesville exit to provide assistance to who he perceived to be a stranded motorist. 

The motorist, described as a white male in his late 30s with dark hair, convinced the Batesville individual to let him borrow money so he could fix the vehicle's mechanical problem. The stranded motorist provided a name and phone number to arrange a time and place to return payment.

"The resident contacted the Batesville Police Department after he believed that the encounter with the stranded motorist was potentially a scam," Holt said. Officers checked the area where the motorist was last seen, but could not find a vehicle or the man.

On March 18, the motorist made contact with the same resident via telephone. The resident provided the man directions to their house with the belief that his intention was to return the money he had borrowed.

Minutes later, after a knock on the door, the man entered their house without permission and was able to distract the resident long enough to steal the homeowner's wallet from an inside area.

The chief said, "Area residents are urged to report disabled roadway vehicles and/or suspicious activity to their local law enforcement agencies."