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January 24, 2014

Members decide location of proposed shell building

Diane Raver The Herald-Tribune
The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Batesville Economic Development Commission members voted on the location of the proposed shell building Jan. 17.

Andy Saner, Dennis Harmeyer, Lori Feldbauer, Bill Flannery and Gene Lambert all agreed the new industrial park at Lammers Pike and Merkel Road should be the point of focus.

Dale Meyer, the Batesville Industrial Park Commission president who is a nonvoting BEDC member, also expressed his opinion. “I’m still concerned it slows us down by going down there (because improvements need to be made on Merkel Road), but congratulations to Rick (Fledderman, mayor) for getting” a $500,000 Lawrenceburg Regional Economic Development Grant. “That reduces the concern about the cost.

“While I would prefer the building being constructed in the Batesville Commerce Center because of timing, I’m OK with either location.”

Saner, the BEDC president, later added, “Through ongoing discussion and consultation with our development partner, Greg Martz (New Castle), and a commercial real estate broker, Summit Commercial Real Estate, as well as previous feedback from site selectors, it was determined that the new industrial park location provides the best opportunity for attracting a new industrial business to Batesville. This is largely due to the additional flexibility the new industrial park provides for growth/expansion options to any potential new business.

“Additionally, due to the grant that we have received from Lawrenceburg, the Merkel Road project can now be completed, providing the requisite road infrastructure to complement the existing Lammers Pike infrastructure and provide appropriate access” to the Merkel Road site.

Within the agreed-upon 73 acres, there are two possible sites for the building that is being considered. “Proposed Site 1 is located on the northeastern corner of the new industrial park at the intersection of Lammers Pike and Merkel Road .... (It) will accommodate a potential shell building and offers ample space for the necessary layout and infrastructure. However, due to the wetland area on the north end of the lot and an Indiana Department of Transportation utility easement on the south edge of this lot, there would be some limitation on how much a new building could be expanded,” he noted.

“Proposed Site 2 is located on the southeastern corner of the new industrial park along Merkel Road. This location offers much greater expansion capability for any potential building and/or business, although it does not provide the same visibility as Site 1. However, our development partner and commercial broker have informed us that typically, visibility is not a big concern for industrial businesses when considering new locations.”

Saner revealed, “Per the approval of the EDC ... a more in-depth due diligence is now being performed, including additional survey and site planning work. This additional information will allow our development partners as well as our construction partner, Bruns-Gutzwiller (Batesville), to provide more accurate proposals for the cost of the proposed shell building property. The EDC will then be able to evaluate the estimated costs and financing options so a final recommendation/approval can be voted on to determine if a shell building should be constructed.

“We are working toward a final decision on the shell building by the end of February and believe we will have all necessary information to make that decision at that time.”

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