Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

July 27, 2013

INDOT to work on S.R. 46

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Indiana Department of Transportation maintenance crews from the Aurora Subdistrict have been scheduled to begin chip sealing 12½ miles of State Road 46 at Batesville Tuesday morning (JULY 30).  Operations should begin at 8 a.m. starting at S.R. 1 in Saint Leon and progressing westward to Batesville. 

Flaggers will direct motorists around moving worksites. 

INDOT strongly advises motorists to drive with caution and at slow speeds on roads where chip seal has been freshly applied.  

Liquid asphalt will be applied to the highway—followed by small chips of limestone aggregate. 

The process will seal S.R. 46 against moisture and ultraviolet rays, extending its service life.  Motorists’ safety is enhanced through renewed surface friction that improves skid resistance.   A liquid asphalt fog seal tops the chip seal application—dampening dust from the fines and further protecting the roadway from moisture intrusion.

Chip seal/fog seal applications are extremely cost-effective.  Experience shows that every $1 spent on this kind of surface treatment today saves $6 to $14 in highway expenditures later.

INDOT anticipates chip sealing the 24.8 lane miles of S.R. 46 on Tuesday and Wednesday, then fog sealing the lanes on Thursday—weather permitting.