Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

October 2, 2012

County residents receive reassessments

Diane Raver
The Herald-Tribune

— Ripley County property owners recently received reassessment letters through the mail.

County assessor Shawna Bushhorn says the reassessment was done now “because the (Indiana) Department of Local Government Finance tells us we are to do this .... (It) is not done every year. The last reassessment was done in 2002.

“Each property is different” and assessments are “based on the type of dwelling.” The findings: “Some went up some went down,” she reports.

The cost tables change according to the DLGF. As of March 1, “farm ground went from $1,500 to $1,630 an acre. This is set by the state and based on corn yield. The whole state has the same base rate.”

Some property owners were concerned about the results.

Bob Koester, Tudor Square Realty managing broker/owner, noted, “Every year when the reassessments go out, people automatically call us .... because if they want to appeal, they need to prove their case by having an appraisal done or having a Realtor do a comp that supports it.”

He says the assessed value is considered when setting a listing price on a home. However, other items are also factored in, and “I always do a market analysis.”

Bushhorn is unaware how this reassessment will affect property taxes.

She explained, “We will not know until the auditor gets the tax rate, which will probably be in March.”

Anyone with questions about the reassessment can contact Bushhorn at 812-689-5656.

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