Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

July 5, 2013

Town will pay less for recycling services

Diane Raver The Herald-Tribune
The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Oldenburg Town Council members agreed to a new contract July 1 for collecting recyclables that will save them money.

Currently, they pay between $825-$950 per month to have CGS, Morristown, collect items from a large recycling bin at the county garage north of town. Company officials said they could offer an alternative, three smaller bins, with pickups twice a week for $475 a month.

“Go with it. With that savings, we can’t afford not to,” revealed member Greg Struewing.

Members reported they are still trying to find someone to paint a yellow stripe down the middle of the short section of road between Water Street and St. Mary’s Road going west out of town because motorists often take the curve quickly and don’t stay of their side of the road.

Struewing pointed out the gutters on the town shelter need to be fixed. He asked who was responsible for taking care of them. Clerk-treasurer Cindy Laker noted, “We are responsible for the outside of the buildings, and the fire department is responsible for the inside.” Members will look into getting them repaired.

Struewing said the streets were not swept in June because of trouble with the equipment. Therefore, they will wait until next year to have them done.

Town Marshal Scott Barnhorst reported, “It was quiet at the (June 28-29 firemen’s) festival,” and he did not hear of any problems.

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