Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

December 28, 2012

Heart-shaped winter wonder

Debbie Blank
The Herald-Tribune

— In the movie “Jack Frost,” a character builds a snow angel to remember his dad.

Batesville resident Becca Wintz remembered that scene as snow fell Dec. 26. She told her sister, Brooke, “We should just make 20 small ones for the kids who died in the Connecticut shootings.”

They spent two or three hours that day shaping four or five snowmen, complete with carrot noses, button eyes, hats and scarves, but realized they needed help to complete their goal.

The sisters invited six friends who were home from college, too, to complete the task Dec. 27 in neighbor George Scanlon’s backyard at 318 Hillenbrand Ave.

Sticks were used as arms and the young women positioned the figures so they could be holding hands.