Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

July 26, 2013

Ag educator: Soybean crop 'looking good'

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Anna Morrow, the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service ag and natural resources educator in Franklin County, has been scouting soybean fields around the county.

The soybean survey program provides free scouting and soil tests to farmers and data to Purdue to improve extension programming. She says, “This is a win-win program for Franklin County. Farmers receive the immediate benefit of insect, weed and disease scouting early, mid and late season. Farmers will also get a report on soil fertility and soybean cyst nematode prevalence at the end of the season. Long-term benefits are improved research and programming from Purdue’s soybean team. The information gained from this survey will help Purdue soybean specialists understand limitations to soybean production across the state, and focus research to improve production practices.”

Morrow reports, “The early scouted beans are looking good. There has been some insect damage, but it’s far too early to predict how this will affect harvest this fall. In the scouted fields, weed management has been successful and the soybeans are growing quickly. We are rapidly approaching (some fields already there) reproductive development stages. This means that if you look closely, you will likely find some soybean flowers across the county. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that weather conditions continue to treat us well, and I will be able to report heavy pod fill later in the season.”