Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

July 16, 2013

Hard work pays off at county fair

Diane Raver
The Herald-Tribune

---- — BROOKVILLE – Franklin County Fairground Park, Brookville, was bustling with activity July 11 as judging for various 4-H projects, from arts and crafts to woodworking, took place.

Prior to the 9 a.m. deadline, 4-H’ers turned in their completed work, and many stayed nearby waiting for the judges’ decisions.

Veronica Hartman, 11, Oldenburg, took six projects this year. Her favorite was painting. She said she found the idea for her masterpiece in a magazine, and “my art teacher helped me blend the colors.”

Nine-year-old Jayme Pennington, Cedar Grove, worked hard on nine projects. She liked child development the best. “I played with a friend and he was very cute. He has two sisters that were very distracting .... I helped him discover cooking utensils, and he liked stacking cups.

“I also did a project where I had to take lotion and put glitter in it, and the glitter represented germs. You had to wash your hands for 20 seconds to get the glitter germs off.”

Walker Wilson, 13, Mount Carmel, concentrated on building a bench for his sole woodworking project. “First, I got a piece of walnut and made the top .... Then I made the curves and sanded and stained it. The nails were brass, and they didn’t look good with the walnut, so I made special corks to cover them and stained the corks.”

Out of three projects, Megan Reed’s favorite was corn. The 13-year-old from Mount Carmel reported, “You have to go out in the field, pull three stalks, clean the roots and bring them in.”

Bridget Raible, 14, Brookville, took eight projects, but her favorite was entomology. In her sixth year, she had to collect 60 insects. “I found my bugs around the house. I usually freeze them. I started in third grade with collecting 10 bugs.

“It’s not too hard to find enough bugs. People call me or just bring them over” when they find one. “The identification is the hardest.”

Raible was a mentor for Ross Rosemeyer, 9, St. Peters, who also took entomology as one of his four projects. “It has a lot of beetles.” To find enough creatures, “I looked around lights at night and rotting logs in the woods. I found the butterflies in my mom’s garden.”

The 4-H exhibits can be viewed Tuesday-Friday, July 16-19, from 3-10 p.m. at the fairgrounds.

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