Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

June 21, 2013

Communications center handled many calls in May

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — The Ripley County Communications Center experienced a very busy month in May.

The center handles incoming calls from Ripley County citizens and unit assignments for the county sheriff, five town police departments, conservation officers, 12 fire and task departments, three EMS units, paramedic unit, Emergency Management, Enhanced 911 and the dog warden.

A total of 1,622 logged calls from the public for assistance and complaints were received via 911 and regular phone lines for police, fire, EMS and paramedics as well as 13 calls for the dog warden last month.

Computer log entries, which reflect each radio and telephone transaction handled for all field units, incoming complaints and other calls for assistance, totaled 5,624. Statistics compiled of the total May calls to the communications center show that 501 Enhanced 911 calls were answered last month, 279 of which were real emergencies called in on the computerized emergency system.

A breakdown of 911 calls received shows 123 EMS related and 162 police calls were received on the system last month. There were also 289 paramedic and 911 fire and first responder calls answered on the computer-enhanced emergency line. There were 222 calls to 911 that were not real emergencies. Most of these calls were system problems with Verizon, false calls, kids playing and tests on the system.

Statistics show 522 calls for police assistance were received in May. Another 34 routine calls were received concerning title checks, minor complaints, information requests for the office and follow-up investigations, making a total of 556 calls of all types handled for town and county police.