Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

October 30, 2012

Ison's accomplice charged

Debbie Blank
The Herald-Tribune

— David Ison’s accomplice, Amanda Napier, 35, Connersville, faces two Class B felony charges, conspiracy to deal a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit armed robbery, reports Franklin County Prosecutor Melvin Wilhelm.

According to an information document filed in Franklin Circuit Court Oct. 16, she “did conspire with David Ison or Angie Napier to deliver Oxycontin” and Angie Napier texted her husband about the upcoming drug buy. “Amanda Napier further performed an overt act by accompanying David Ison to the Roy Napier residence so he could purchase the Oxycontin from Roy Napier.”

Ison, 47, Glenwood, pled guilty to killing Roy and Angie Napier, two of their children and a neighbor Sept. 25, 2011, at 24015 Stipps Hill Road, Laurel. He was sentenced by Judge Steven Cox to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole March 14.

About a week before his Sept. 28, 2011, arrest, Ison and his accomplice were in Batesville so he could apply for jobs as part of his probation, stated a probable cause affidavit written by Indiana State Police Detective Tracy Rohlfing, Batesville, and filed in that court Oct. 16. “They decided they would rob the CVS pharmacy (here) sometime in the future ... Ison said he showed Amanda Napier where the CVS was located ... where she should park and wait while he was robbing the store, and what road Amanda should exit onto ...”

Napier told the detective she had been the driver when Ison robbed Triplett’s Drug Store, Osgood; the Medicine Shoppe, Greensburg; an Oxford, Ohio, bank; and a Rush County home.

The affidavit added Ison prepared for the robbery by “getting the guns ready, which included wiping his fingerprints off the bullets.”  Sheriff Ken Murphy observed, “That’s not a guy who’s just going to threaten. That tells me he was prepared to murder somebody.”

Wilhelm recalled, “The night they got picked up (in Andersonville) he was allegedly en route” to the pharmacy. “He had his mask and disguise on and weapons.”

It took 13 months to file the charges against Napier because “we wanted to wrap up Ison first,” then authorities focused on an”intense investigation” of the crimes. “It just took awhile,” the prosecutor said.

Napier, now on probation, served time in Ripley County Jail and was released, he added.

The sheriff said Napier is not in custody yet. “There’s a warrant out for her.” Information about the woman has been entered on the FBI’s computerized National Crime Information Center database. Murphy reported, “Anyone who comes across her can arrest her on a warrant.”

If found guilty, Napier could face six to 20 years in prison on each count, according to Wilhelm.