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March 25, 2014

STC members listen to citizen concerns

Diane Raver The Herald-Tribune
The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — SUNMAN – Several Sunman residents expressed their concerns about various issues to town council members March 20.

Twila Stith said, “I’m just very concerned about the trash cans sitting out on the street. I’ve seen 12 of them this week. The more we let it go, the more it’s going to happen ... I want to see a nice clean town. Is there anything we can do about this?”

President Wayne Jenner responded, “We have to send notices out and tell them to pick them up after Monday’s trash pickup .... We’ll compose some type of notice. Chelsea (Eckstein, clerk-treasurer) can put it in the water bills and ask everyone to cooperate and put the trash cans back in.”

Town Marshal Bill Dramann noted, “A lot of towns have ordinances that say persons can have their garbage cans out from 6 p.m. the night before to 6 p.m. the next evening,” but Sunman does not have one.

Members wondered who the citizens were.

Stith pointed out, “I don’t know their names, but I can tell you where they live.”

Member Jared Wolf said he would knock on their doors and talk to them about picking up their trash cans.

Pat Scharf wondered, “Is there anything that can be done about the buildings, like the one down by Cook Funeral Home on the corner that’s literally falling apart? .... You guys just need to take a look around town and see how bad these buildings are. They give such a bad appearance to the town.”

Members told her to contact the county building inspector to determine what could be done to clean up the structures.

Dennis Larkins thought members were avoiding the questions. “This lady here had a problem, and the answer was she should go to the county .... and trash cans were brought up” at previous meetings.

Wolf stressed, “I understand everyone’s point, but there’s a fine line you have to walk before you do anything, and I said I would talk to people about their trash cans.”

Neil Bowers revealed, “I’ve talked to Jared and Bill about how a lot of people have told me about crime and drugs in town.”

The marshal emphasized, “And what did I tell you? I’m tired of sidewalk gossip.”

Bowers announced, “Any citizen who sees or suspects anyone selling drugs or doing something illegal should report it to the Sunman Police Department or sheriff’s department.”

Ruth Riehle asked, “What is our water being tested for?”

The president remarked, “We have annual reports that go out to all of our utility users.” Riehle requested a copy.

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Other news • Eckstein said Michelle McBride, Sunman Trailer Park owner, who has been in arrears with her utility bills, made a partial payment of $2,342 March 5 in order to avoid being disconnected. Her balance is now $4,697. She will be sent another notice saying she will need to pay the past due amount of $2,359 in order prevent a disconnection. • Members agreed to allow Steve Ruble, Strand Associates Inc., Columbus, engineer, to advertise for bids for the demolition of the former Ripley-Ohio-Dearborn Special Education Cooperative building. • Natasha Bischoff, Sunman Area Chamber of Commerce president, said the group is applying for the Ripley County Community Foundation $25,000 impact grant. "We're really wanting to make good" improvements to the ROD building area. "We may have a walking trail, new restrooms, concession stands .... as a chamber, we really want to see this go through. If it doesn't, we will try to find other ways to raise the money. We're trying to get everyone's support in town." • Bischoff also said the circus will be coming back to Sunman Monday, May 5, for two shows at the community park. "I will make sure everything is taken care of like it was the last time ... (and) there are no ruts left behind." Tickets will be available at the town hall.