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February 11, 2014

Plenty of choices on primary ballots

Debbie Blank The Herald-Tribune
The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — They range from seasoned political hands to absolute newbies in America’s election process. After the Feb. 7 noon filing deadline, county candidates for the May 6 primary have been announced by area clerk’s offices.

Franklin County

Just four countywide positions have contested races. Republicans will have to decide between Barry Bischoff, Kenneth Murphy and John Roberts Jr. for sheriff; Scott McDonough and Eric Roberts for District 1 commissioner; M.P. Allen and Tom Linkel for District 2 commissioner; and Aaron Leffingwell, Curtis Ward and Jimmy Webb for the District 4 council seat.

Democrats have one choice to make: Chester Ball or Dale Maxie for District 1 commissioner.

These fortunate Republican candidates are unopposed in the primary election: Karla Bauman, circuit court clerk; Stephen Brack, auditor; Wanda “Tink” Lee, coroner; Joe Sizemore, District 1 council; Keith Hall, District 2 council; and Jeff Koch, District 3 council.

Likewise, these Democrats will not be challenged in the primary: Jerry Erfman, auditor; Sharon Halcomb, assessor; Louis Fasbinder, District 2 commissioner; and Carroll Lanning, District 4 council.

In just one township, Metamora, four Republicans are vying for the trustee spot: Catrina Campbell, Steve Collier, Mike Ferman and Linda Murphy.

The rest of the township trustee contenders are not contested at this point: Democrat Vivian Shepler, Blooming Grove; Republican Britney Ison, Brookville; Democrat Ronald Fitzpatrick, Butler; Democrat Arthur DeFossett Jr., Highland; Democrat Delbert Spurlock, Laurel; Republican Gregg Burris and Democrat Lisa Hollars, Posey; Republican John Livers Sr. and Democrat Sue Waechter, Ray; Democrat Michael Peters, Salt Creek; Democrat Jerry Day, Springfield; and Republican Roy Hall, Whitewater.

In the running for township advisory board members are Democrat Roy Chesnut and Republican Jerry Mergenthal, Bath; Democrats Kenny Hildebrand and Kyle Hildebrand and Republican Neil Whittington, Blooming Grove; Republican Roger Bommer, Brookville; Democrats John Obermeyer, Mark Obermeyer and Mel Pulskamp, Butler; Democrats Velda Clark, Delores Dobbs and Laura Hodapp, Fairfield; Democrats Dennis Brown and Loraine Galle, Highland; Republicans Lewis Combs and Krista Prows and Democrats Denver Marcum and Aris Sams, Laurel; Republicans Kathleen Ferguson, Larry Ferman, Paul Hendricks, Jenny Stone and Ted Williams, Metamora; Democrat Bonnie Carpenter and Republicans Dale Fields, Timothy Hollars, Roger McQueen and Richard Ralstin, Posey; Democrats Lawrence Bedel and Jerome Lamping, Ray; Democrats Gary Alvey and Gary Meyer, Salt Creek; Democrats Richard Kerr and John Kolb and Republican Ervin Roberts, Springfield; Republicans Larry Bolser, Cindy Hall and Dee Ann Harding, Whitewater.

Ten unopposed Democratic Party precinct committeemen candidates will be on the ballot: Jeffrey Sauerland, Blooming Grove; Bess Edwards, Brookville 1; Frank Deutsch, Brookville 3; Jim Lierl, Brookville 5; Mel Pulskamp, Butler; Karen Hodapp, Fairfield; Delbert Spurlock, Laurel; Gary Baker, Metamora; Ronald Obermeyer, Oldenburg; and Glenn Bailey, Salt Creek 1.

Itching to go to the state convention as delegates are Republicans Robert Braun, Keith Hall, Linda Hall, Carol Hiatt, Thurman Hiatt, Scott McDonough, Di Schantz, Tony Schantz and Curtis Ward and Democrat Charles Ratz.

Three want to serve on the Brookville Town Council: Democrat Darrel Flaspohler, Ward 2; Republican Haroline Ison and Democrat Catherine Pelsor, Ward 4.

Ripley County

The hottest race is for sheriff with Republicans Rob Bradley, Jeff Cumberworth and Joseph Mann and Democrats Timothy Sutton and Josh Thompson all filing their declarations of candidacy.

Competing for the District 1 commissioner seat are four Republicans, Bill Flannery, Jay Gayheart, Robert Linville and Stan Wiedeman. Republicans Chad Pindell and David Simon both want to be the District 3 councilman.

Running unopposed on the primary’s Republican ballot are Bill McDonald, District 43 state senator; Ryan King, circuit court judge; Jeff Sharp, superior court judge; Richard Hertel, prosecuting attorney; William Wagner, auditor; Jeffrey French, surveyor; Shawna Bushhorn, assessor; Ron Decker, District 1 council; and Patricia Smith, District 2 council.

These Democrats have no challengers in the primary: John Kellerman II, superior court judge; William Dramann, District 1 council; and Edward Armbrecht, District 4 council.

Voters will have choices to make in two township trustee races: Republicans Harold Ellinghausen and Chris Bradford, Laughery; and Democrats Phillip Morgan and Stacey Schmaltz, Shelby.

The rest of the township trustee contenders face no same party opposition: Democrat Edward Gindling, Adams; Republican Kenneth Copeland Jr. and Democrat Janice Wittich, Brown; Republican Brenda Warren, Center; Republican Paul Hardy, Delaware; Republican William Kissell, Franklin; Republican Annette Pindell, Jackson; Republican Toni Gray-Halcomb, Johnson; Democrat Cynthia Melton, Otter Creek; and Republican Jeffery Poole, Washington.

Campaigning to become township advisory board members are Democrats George Ammerman Jr. and Paul Voss and Republican Douglas Smith, Adams; Democrat Janice Linkmeyer and Republican Edwena Mathews, Brown; Republicans Ruth Hughes, Carolyn Carpenter and Donna Linville, Center; Republicans Lorraine Workman and Harold Turner and Democrat James Grigsby, Delaware; Republican Shirley Bocock and Democrat Norma Newton, Franklin; Democrat Jack Schuerman and Republican Jane Vankirk, Jackson; Republicans Dennis Sanders, Marilyn Hunt and Matthew McNew, Johnson; Democrat Douglas Amberger and Republicans Mary Mays and Helen Ellinghausen, Laughery; Republicans Lisa Ebinger, Ray Tucker and Janine Stratton, Otter Creek; Democrats John Meisberger and Bert Samples and Republican Cheryl Welch, Shelby; Democrats Emily Voss and Debra Cutter, Washington.

Seven unopposed Democratic Party precinct committeemen candidates will be on the ballot: Alberta Doll, Adams 1; Joan Gindling, Adams 2; Phyllis Armbrecht, Brown 1; David Chandler, Brown 2; Phillip Morgan, Shelby; Debra Cutter, Washington 1; and Emily Voss, Washington 2.

Eight Republicans would like to become state convention delegates: Ginger Bradford, Bill Bradford, Jeffrey French, Sue French, Amber May, David May, Meghan May and John Moton.

Two are competing for Osgood Town Council at large seats, Republican Linda Krinop and Democrat Norman Kappes.

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