Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

December 24, 2013

Funds sought for new fire truck

Diane Raver The Herald-Tribune
The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — Eagle Fire Co., Oldenburg, members are hoping to raise funds for a new truck.

“The one we had was really old .... (and) we had a lot of issues with it,” reports Chief Kevin Froehling. “It was costing a lot to keep it going and becoming a burden, so we sold it this year .... It was a secondary engine in case something happened with our other (pumper) truck.

“We have six other trucks, and each one serves an individual purpose .... The rescue truck carries our equipment to the emergency scene. Five people can ride in it. It has three air packs and also carries extrication equipment and hand tools. The tanker’s purpose is to haul water. It can hold 1,800 gallons.

“There are two brush trucks for grass and forest fires. The engine’s sole purpose is for structural fires and accidents. Then there’s the Ford Explorer, which is the first responder unit, which carries medical supplies.”

For the new vehicle, “we would like to purchase a multipurpose truck, which would serve as another tanker (holding 2,000 gallons of water) or another engine (with ladders for structural firefighting) if we need it. It would have multiple uses, which would benefit us and the other areas that we work with, including Batesville, Laurel and Metamora. It could be used for car wrecks or house fires.

“We’ve talked to sales reps from various companies and think it would cost about $210,000,” he reveals.

Last January, the firefighters started working on raising money for the new vehicle. In the spring, letters were sent out to residents who live within the fire territory. “We’ve done a lot of fundraisers this year. We received donations from the public, with better than half of the people we mailed letters to responding .... (and) the Freudenfest (committee) gave us a big donation, too. We’re a little over halfway” to the goal, the chief announces.

Members are also trying to go after some grant money, “but it’s very limited for grants for a truck right now,” he says.

For fundraisers in 2014, the firefighters are hoping to have “three or four drive-through chicken fries, fish dinners, a possible breakfast and maybe a dance. There are a lot of different ideas being discussed, and we want to have something nice for the public that will strike their interest.”

Froehling adds, “We are very grateful for the donations we have already received and appreciate the assistance we get from the community.”

Diane Raver can be contacted at or 812-934-4343, Ext. 114.

Fire truck contributions • Tax-deductible donations for the vehicle can be sent to Eagle Fire Co., P.O. Box 122, Oldenburg, IN 47036. Checks can be made payable to Eagle Fire Co., with a notation in the memo line that it goes toward the truck.