Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

November 28, 2007

Engagement Announcement Form


-- — To ensure that a complete announcement of your engagement appears in The Herald-Tribune, please complete and submit this form to our newsroom. A professional-quality photo of the engaged couple or bride-elect alone may accompany this form and should be sent in a separate e-mail to



Name of bride-elect: *required field

Bride-elect's parents' names and addresses:

Background of bride-elect: (schools and graduation, title of employment, employer and city)

Name of prospective bridegroom: *required field

Prospective grooms parents' names and adddresses:

Background of future bridegroom:  (schools and graduation, title of employment, employer and city)

Wedding date:*required field

Time:*required field

Place: *required field

Minister (or other officiant):*required field

Information submitted by: *required field

Daytime phone number of person submitting: *required field 

Evening phone number of person submitting: *required field 

Photograph submitted? Yes  No

To submit photos, send email to: Identify the subjects in the photograph in the Subject line of the email.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective, January 1, 2012, there will be a $35 handling fee associated with the publication of engagement announcements. Following publication of your engagement announcement ,you will receive five (5) copies of the newspaper issue containing the announcement to share with family, friends and loved ones at no charge. Please arrange payment by calling Diane Raver at (812) 934-4343 ext. 114.