Many consumers are becoming more coupon savvy and are looking for the best deals out there.

St. Louis School sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders in Missy Bowman’s math classes recently put their bargain-hunting skills to work when they learned about the percent of decrease. They were assigned to go to various stores to buy items on sale or with coupons. “They had to write out what they were buying and find the percent saved,” Bowman reveals. All 150 items were then donated to Safe Passage.

For their efforts, these students have been named The Herald-Tribune’s Classroom of the Month for November.

Students purchased many different items, from toiletries and room fresheners to cleaning supplies and food products. They also learned valuable lessons, including “that coupons can save people money,” according to seventh-grader Jodi Johnson.

Classmate Rebecca Eckstein pointed out, “If you don’t need the stuff, you can donate it.” Seventh-grader Matthew Lents stressed the benefits of “looking for the best deals.”

Eighth-grader Emma Geis noted, “Using coupons is worth it .... It will help me get the best deals when grocery shopping.” 

Seventh-graders Jessica Raver and Haley Chaffee emphasized the importance of “looking at the fine print on coupons.”

Bowman also noted, “One student learned that the bar code must not be torn for the store to take the coupon .... Others learned to watch the expiration dates closer so they could use their coupons and get a good deal.”

Most students also revealed they enjoyed the activity and liked helping the nonprofit by purchasing items.

Jane Yorn, Safe Passage executive director, commented, “We are really grateful to be part of such a great community.”

Sherry Hodges, shelter service coordinator, added, “This (activity) is a perfect example of the generosity of the Batesville community and the four other counties that we service .... (and) I love the fact that they’re teaching couponing to the kids. We do this with our clients all the time.”

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