Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana

January 10, 2014

Chiropractic office has new look

The Batesville Herald-Tribune

---- — After 17 years in his previous location, Dr. Christopher Ault of Ault Chiropractic Center has moved to the Konradi Building on State Road 46 near Tekulve Avenue in Batesville.

March 1 will mark his 23rd year in practice, and after 22 years of anatomic charts and spinal, skeletal, muscle, and neurologic diagrams covering the walls, Ault has decided to make a change, reports Tonya Wagner, his assistant. The new office displays 32 original works by 16 local artists and 22 other pieces of art from various others.

“It’s all about the patient’s experience while in the office. It’s about the difference between being surrounded by clinical starkness or by being surrounded by beauty. It’s also about how I feel in my own office. Art enlightens, inspires and lifts us up,” he says.

The local artists whose artwork is displayed include Jan Baumgarter, Nan Wimmer, Jaime Mustaine, Tim Bedel, Heather Paul, Chris Ault, William Campbell, Susan Glaser, John Meyer, Mary K. Cambron, Amy McCabe, JoAnn Prickel, Christine Campbell, Mary Ann McCoy, Rebecca Davies and Rich Fowler.

The art is available for public viewing at no cost Monday-Thursday. “Just drop in between 12:15-2:15 p.m., or for a guided tour with explanation and questions answered, call for an appointment,” Wagner suggests.

Other artists whose works are on display include Michael Kahn, H. Thompson, Murrell Butler, N.A. Noel, Del Parson, Claude Monet, Janet Stewart, Charles Fracé and Alfred Sisley.

Ault is on the board of the Rural Alliance for the Arts and is a ballroom dance instructor, painter and overactor, according to the news release.