Batesville Herald Tribune, Batesville, Indiana


January 24, 2014

Attorney's book explores his specialty


Five revelations: 1. We (plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers) don’t file lawsuits unless the insurance carriers give us little or no choice. We always prefer to resolve the claims without a lawsuit if possible. 2. When we do go to trial on an accident case, we are legally obligated to sue the person who caused the accident. We aren’t allowed to name the insurance company or even tell the jury that the person has insurance. This gives the insurance companies kind of a built-in advantage. 3. Soft tissue injuries that may start off as a simple case of whiplash can lead to long-term pain and problems. This isn’t always the case, but it can happen. 4. Wrecks that don’t have much vehicle damage can still result in a lot of damage to an occupant. Just like wrecks that involve huge vehicle damage can result in little or no damage to the occupant. 5. Insurance carriers are in business to make profits. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad. In fact, they have a right to make money.

More writing ahead: I’ve written a nonfiction book about the journey from small-town Indiana high school football to the Ivy League based on our son Connor’s experiences. It deals with competition, recruiting, the application process – all of the things we learned through trial and error. I’m hoping to re-work the book before the end of 2014, then I’ll see if the story is interesting enough to publish. I’d really like to do a fictional book sometime about being a personal injury lawyer. I also would like to write a book on the John Hunt Morgan raid. It’s really a crazy story and it’s the only Civil War event that happened anywhere near us.

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